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Optima EX GTi: 5-year review. 79000 miles logo 4/27/2016 Val

(The dropdown only gave me the Hybrid option; this is NOT a hybrid Optima).My last review (shown below) still holds. I did have to replace a headlight, a $100+ job due to the way the way the bulbs are accessed. The car remains trouble-free and other than routine maintenance, car washes and the new tires mentioned below, I have invested no $$ in it. It's the go-to car in the family for road trips due to great gas mileage & comfort. I have kept the Sirius/XM subscription which we enjoy on long drives. (Previous review at 61,000 miles) I have a 3-day a week, 120-mile round trip commute. Gas mileage and good handling in snowy IL winters were important to me when I made a decision to purchase this car new in 2012. In all but the coldest conditions, I average 32-35 mpg on my highway drives; 25+ if driving around town. Like others, I love the heated steering wheel and seats, cooled seats in summer and the sunroof. Like others, when I have to take a turn in the passenger seat, I find it annoyingly low. Replaced tires at about 50,000 miles. Had the fuel pump go out (under warranty) at about 27,000 miles. Other than that, no repairs; just routine maintenance and regular oil changes (using synthetic oil - my choice; always use it!) I still love a lot of little things about this car - the keyless entry; the way the lights come on when I walk up to the car, the trunk space, the room for occasional passengers, the stylish looks. Handles just fine in the snow and still looks sharp as new on the outside. The tan leather is too light - shows dirt too easily; wish I would have gotten the darker interior. Overall, very pleased with my loaded Optima.

Average Rating : 4


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