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Original owner of Second Limited logo 4/26/2016 Steve

Wife and I Leased an exact model as the one we have had since 2006. Turned the Leased one in and bought the '06 we have now.Wife has been the primary driver of the vehicle and it just turned over 86,000 miles. The Custom Carpeted Floor Mats were covered with Clear Plastics mats the same day she got it, so the floor mats have never had shoes on them and the ones in the 3rd row have never even feet on them as nobody ever has been in those seats!The Rear Air is mostly used to keep groceries cool while getting them home and after 11 years, blows just as icy cold as the Front Dual Controlled Unit! The Rear Entertainment System is still a good diversion from the heat or when hiding from the Honey Do List!The greatest thing so far is that we STILL have NOT had to replace the Brakes OR Suspension items. Had the Dealership go ahead and do the 100K mile service since the years are causing issues with seal and gaskets, causing lights to come on. Did have to replace the Radiator as the neck just finally gave up. The battery is on its grandson and that is about all for major issues. Had to replace a dead driver's side window motor last year. At this point, we are considering getting a new vehicle and had thought about getting rid of the Explorer BUT, would still need a second vehicle and since we already OWN this one and with gas prices having dropped, it is MORE likely we will just keep it. Have shown the wife every SUV/Crossover on the market, even her beloved Explorers (She has had 3 all together) and while she DOES love the New Explorer, she has become infatuated with the New Edge!Either way, I look forward to keeping this Explorer for a good long time to come!ADED October 26, 2016:STILL have this Explorer. Just turned over 94,000 miles and STILL going strong.Have the original Brakes and Shocks on vehicle and just now starting to look at replacing the shocks at next tire purchase, early next year or when we hit 100,000 Miles.Still a daily driver and has become our only vehicle for the past 7 months. May purchase a new vehicle next year as my wife will be retiring then. Wll keep this Explorer as a back up and a stylish way to go to the Garden shop or Lowes as well as getting around town for the weekly trips.STILL get looks and great comments about the way it looks.....Mostly garaged even at work and when shopping.Wife is torn between a new one and going to a nice coupe or sedan.More to come.4/26/17.....Just had the Explorer in the shop (Ford) for its 100K Check up. STILL has just under that (99,300 miles) and STILL has Original Brakes, Shocks and EVERYTHING STILL works. Only thing they addressed during service was the Transmission having a slight hesitation from 1st to 2nd gear....FIXED!Now with the Wife retiring, it will get driven even less with the RETIREMENT CAR having been purchased this month.Going to continue to drive this vehicle for a few more years. Nice to know we have Multiple Standing Offers for it when we are ready.10/27/17.....Just turned 100,700 miles....have stopped driving our Explorer as ofter....Wife finally retired in May. Looked at New 2017 Explorers and after careful thought, decided we just do not need a larger vehicle and made the choice to go Luxury Sedan.Kia Cadenza is my Wife's new baby. Her old one is now relegated to having to be outside and under a car cover for the first time since we bought it.Will likely be selling this amazing vehicle early next year.......New tires, ORIGINAL SHOCKS and BRAKES (and still in great shape). The only two issues with the entire vehicle as of today......Right Rear Seat will not go down any longer and the 6 CD Changer has stopped ejecting/loading.Ford wants 800 for the radio and maybe 250 - 300 for the seat.Likely will not fix before seling.

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