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ouch logo 7/7/2016 john

leased this 2016 toyota tacoma v6, 4 door back in march , toyota had a great affordable deal on this model that the average working man could afford for a toyota truck.first things first the exterior paint is horrible scratches with the slighest touch, first noticed it when i was cleaning a little bird poop off the hood with water and a soft cloth i couldnt believe my eyes there where i just cleaned now had a circular scratch, i cleaned it again and nothing still there . as i looked closer around vehicle there were many similar scratches, when i picked up vehicle they must hide the scratches when they detail it, but when you do your first wash low and behold they reappear.brought it back to dealer they were very good about this situation and detailed it again, so far so the biggest con for this vehicle is the transmission it shifts constantly for what reason i have no idea, after it goes through all the speed shifts its fine then the slighest acceleration it shifts , and shifts ,and shifts and the road isnt even in any kind of incline, i have a 2015 rav 4 that my wife uses with a 4 cyl that rides smooth shifts only when it should, and performs better then my tacoma, i asked her if we could switch vehicles she laughed and said you wanted that truck now live with it. bottom line i do not recommend the tacoma to any one,look into another truck you"ll be glad you did, and for me im stuck with it until the lease is up and when i do return it i feel sorry for the poor sap who purchases it.

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