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Our 4th and last Accord Coupe, and our last Honda logo 6/14/2015 bass56

We have owned 4 Accord Coupe's starting in 1999. All purchased new and each new model has been progressively worse, in quiet , comfort and reliability. I am fastidious about car maintenance and the detail of maintenance of this Accord has been excellent. The car is noisey and has rattles . The braking system has been nothing short of unreliable. All brakes and rotors have been replaced 2x and now it appears as if we must replace a brake caliper... it is locking up on us after short trips. We have also replaced wheel bearings and have had an on going oil problem. This oil problem is related to the same issues that prompted the class action suit.

Favorite Feature : Looks and acceleration.

Suggested Improvement : One does not purcahse a Honda and expect the aforementioned issues. We have owned 7 Honda's in our family and can state unequivically that this trend will end with our next purchase. It is only because of an excellent mechanic that we endure this car. He discovered the oil issue long before the action suit. After changing the oil ( when the change oil indicator came on, as most Honda customers do) he changed the oil , checked the dipstick and stated, this new oil already has carbon in it. We now change the oil every 3k and check the level between changes. Not the Honda recomended 5-7.5 k. This car must have been built on a Monday with all Chinese supplied parts and engineering.

Average Rating : 2.5


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