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Our Fourth Infiniti logo 6/17/2016 J. K. Shutsa

While we came to own our fourth Infiniti literally by accident, after a snow plow truck/plow totaled our '14 Q50, it has been love at first sight. We rescued our Obsidian Black, 2013 M37xS from three feet of snow. We drove the 100 miles home in complete confidence, yet another snowstorm, in the sure footed AWD traction. While we dislike the low profile tires, noisy for old people (didn't see those in the three feet of snow) the acceleration, handling and sheer pleasure of driving more than makes up for it's lack of quiet. We are in month 29 of a 39 month lease and will likely get another Infiniti but unsure of which model. The downsides of this uniquely sporty model M are: mileage/gas costs, rims that every curb attacks, complicated navigation system, no 360 camera like the '14 Q50 had.

Average Rating : 5


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