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Our Tuscon is a Lemon! logo 4/27/2016 Cathy S

Purchased the 2016 Tuscon Limited with all the bells and whistles of a luxurious car. Had a 2013 we traded and loved that car! Daughter has a Hyundai as well. We have never taken a vehicle in except for routine maintenance until this car. There was the delay with the double clutch but there was something more. At 5000 miles, called the dealer for the routine maintenance and told them about this new stalling that had began. Had probably happened 2-3 times at that point. It would act like I was pushing a clutch (that wasn't there) and the accelerator at the same time so the vehicle would start to stop/stall. This wasn't the delay but a complete stall. On March 11, it stalled going across 4 lanes of traffic and I was happy to get to the other side once the transmission started working again. At that point, started feeling like the car was unsafe. Was only a mile from home and the car stalled several times before I could get home. Ended up calling Hyundai Roadside Service and having the car towed because it was not drivable. Was put in a rental car for less than a week and was told it was a recall. Was thrilled to hear this because we really loved the car and was hopeful this was the issue. Never got the car home, which was about 25 miles, before the stalls were worse than before. Took the car back that night and got the rental back. Dealer called March 15 and it was the control actuary assembly for the transmission and the part wouldn't be in for about 12 more days but I had the good ole rental! I asked (after consulting with a professional with credentials as in a crew chief for NASCAR) for a new transmission because it could have caused damage to the other parts of the transmission like the clutches, etc and they never listened to me of course. Got the car back on March 26th and on March 30, called about more issues. the wiper in the back wouldn't turn off when the front were on, then the car started stalling again and this time with a loud noise. Each and every time it happened, I thought I had been hit by another car. I have been completely stopped on the interstate as well as other roads. Called the dealer and here I go in again. Got me another rental and they couldn't duplicate the issue so I had to come and get my unsafe car. On my next commute to work I decided to turn my video on my phone on. The car stalled and you could hear the noise so I have the tape. Took the car in with the audio and they had no idea. 4/18/2016 Was called back to the dealer to put a monitor on my car so I could push a button when this happened and it would record a minute before and a minute after. Within 4 days, I had MULTIPLE recordings. 4/21/2016 On my way to the dealer on the interstate the car stalled and this was yet a different stall. This time I was accelerating and the RPM's was stuck and the car wouldn't go over 50mph unless I floored it all the way. Called the dealer in tears and was given a loaner car that evening for ONE day. The following day with the monitor in hand, received a call from dealer stating it would be the following Tuesday before the engineer from Hyundai would know what was wrong and I needed to come and get my UNSAFE car. I refused and told them I didn't want the UNSAFE vehicle and they could have their loaner. On my lunch break while I was away, they came with my car (I didn't know they were coming)to my job to trade vehicles with me and put me back in the UNSAFE car. Since I wasn't at my office, they had to go back to the dealer and while on their way back, the car stalled and did it's thing twice (5 miles away). They called and said I could now get ANOTHER rental since they had heard and felt what was going on in my car. REALLY HYUNDAI????? TALKING ABOUT ADDING INSULT TO INJURY??????? BTW, at this point the computers have went out twice and been reset as well so been driving with no radio, media, phone, phone chargers, bluetooth, navigation, etc. I had been to the dealer 4 times in one week!!!! Yesterday I got a call from the dealer and got the same call from supposed to be the engineer about their next move and that is to replace the transmission and the complete computer on the dash. It's April 27th, and the parts will be in May 19th. Really????????? My car qualifies as a lemon under the lemon law and I've asked for another car. Who would put their family in this car at this point? I'm scared to get in it and have 2 daughters who drive that I will never allow to drive the car. I have also been hit by another vehicle because the car stalled. Hyundai do you have anything to say for yourself? Help me understand why you would put the safety of my family in jeopardy for weeks knowing there were transmission issues with the vehicle I have purchased from you.

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