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Outstanding Car logo 4/8/2017 bmac50

We've had the car nine months and we both like this car very much of different reasons. She's 5'2" I'm 6'2" and finding a good driving position is not a problem even before getting in as the switch is right on the door as you open it. Once started it is very quiet, so quite at times I'm not sure it's running without checking the tachometer. Before we leased we went to several dealers checking out the larger Buick, Toyota, BMW and Lexus, Toyota was the closes but ended up being about $3000 more. After driving all and keeping them for three days or so we both decided on the Azera Limited and we're very happy we did. Yep some of the other claim to get better gas mileage but have found Hyundai was quite honest on the mileage. Most reviews say 19 in town, we see 21. Not sure what anyone would want on a car that isn't there. For me that extra would be the sun shade for the back window, didn't think I'd ever use it but I pick up kids from school so I sit and wait. Our former car had black inside like this one and with that shade it's cooler inside. The back door windows have manual shades and the back is power, kinda wish the doors were the same. Everything on this car has been problem free and when the least is up unless major problems arise we will buy. Now for things that are odd. Control for seat is an odd place for someone with short arms, on the upper area of the door but you get use to that. Not crazy about the tires that came on it, tracking it not true so these tires will be changed, likely Pirelli. Two USB ports would be nice in the front, a better range of air flow from the center stack.

Average Rating : 5


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