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Outstanding Car.....Dealers Suck logo 4/25/2016 JM

I purchased my 2015 3.8 rear drive in March 2015. It has been an outstanding car. My previous work car was a Mercedes and I like this car more. First the positives - the safety ratings are off the charts; the fit, finish and craftsmanship are all outstanding. It's over a year old now and I have had no trouble at all. It looks fantastic - mine does not have the Hyundai "H" on it so people ask me all the time how I like my Aston Martin (mine has the winged emblems only on the exterior). Inside the sound system, A/C and navigation are all excellent. I am 6'4" and I can sit up straight - so much front head room. It's quick and handles well for such a heavy car. Now for the bad news: the gas mileage is horrible. I average about 18 mpg in combination city/highway driving. The seats and suspension are too soft. The 3.8 needs a "Sport" option badly. I hate that the radio doesn't have "hard" buttons to change stations. The buttons are on the screen and hard to deal with while driving. The dealer experience has been a disaster. I have tried 3 different Hyundai dealers in the Dallas area and they are all bad. It's obvious they are used to selling cheap cars. Hyundai desperately needs to open Genesis dealerships with real customer service. I love this car and am glad I bought it. It's not perfect, but for the money you can't do any better.

Average Rating : 5


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