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Outstanding New Civic Design logo 6/16/2016 Todd G

This new Civic is outstanding in almost every category. Typical Honda quality throughout the vehicle but a couple amazing features include the turbo engine. Not only is it already amazingly fast, for a Civic sedan, but when you shift into Sport (S) this car will get you out of almost any sticky situation with ease. So far we only owned the car for a month and the Apple CarPlay suddenly would not recognize either of our iPhones. Honda service had to update our software to get it working again. Also, I do find the lack of volume knobs for the entertainment center to be annoying since we're all quite use to that capability. Hopefully, I'll get use to it soon. Other than that, love the car. And the gas mileage has averaged between 40 - 43 MPG with mostly highway (90%) and city (10%). Additionally, the Honda Sensing technology has been excellent. It's really great at keeping you alert when you're driving long distances. I highly recommend.

Average Rating : 5


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