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over-engineered cockpit, but a joy to drive logo 3/13/2015 bugmanpat

Driving my 2015 Volt has been a learning experience. Some of that learning is figuring out the climate control system, which is unnecessarily complicated (the 2016 corrects that). However, the other learning is about owning and driving an electric vehicle, and that has been a lot of fun. I was drawn to the Volt to stop buying gas (I haven't bought any since I left the dealership months ago) but also just to adopt the new technology. I've learned how important external temperature is to battery range (cold days subtract at least 10 miles), and how to charge at work and at home. Driving has been really enjoyable - super quiet, smooth, really impressive and, dare I say, fun.Update - after a full year of ownership, the Volt still impresses. I forget how much more enjoyable an electric drivetrain really is until I get behind the wheel of a standard internal combustion powered car again. The silence inside the cabin is really nice, the utterly smooth and quick acceleration (even when at highway speed needing to pass) brings me joy every time, and the cost of ownership is basically zero. I only with GM would port this technology to more vehicles. I think a small electric truck for suburban buyers would sell very well. The sky is really the limit. Not having to worry about range issues like in a fully electric vehicle is wonderful.

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