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Overall, a Great Car to Drive logo 8/14/2015 jonro

Due to the vagaries of car leases, I had a 2012 Audi A7 and a 2014 MB E350 Sedan before purchasing this 2016 E400 Coupe. The coupe is more my style and I rarely need to put people in the rear seat. While it's smaller than the E Sedan, it's still a midsize car. The differences between the 2014 and 2016 model years are mostly subtle, except for the engine, but significant.First, the E400's bi-turbo V6 is excellent with no acceleration lag and excellent torque at any speed. One of my biggest dislikes about the E350 was the low end accelerator lag. That is gone and acceleration is strong from the start with no hesitation. This engine sounds great, too. Gas mileage is very good for this type of car. I took a cross-country trip and got 29 mpg on the mostly highway drive.The car feels more solid and quieter than the 2014, but that's hard to quantify. The seats feel more comfortable, and they are great for a multi-hour drive. M-B made some changes to the buttons and controls on the console that made good sense. The entertainment system/navigation system is a little quicker to control than before. The quality of the directions is just okay. It sometimes wants me to route me in stupid ways that would add time to my trip. Driving through Phoenix, it wanted me to get on and off on every exit. But, usually it gets me where I want to go.The interior is very attractive. I was disappointed that the coupe loses the door lighting found in the sedan. It makes the cockpit a friendlier place at night. My interior, red Napa in a black cockpit with a black headliner is stunning. I've heard it said that the cockpit is a little old school in looks. Maybe so, but it still looks great. Very good materials and the placement of buttons and other controls is very good.The exterior looks excellent. I personally feel it is a great-looking car and I have no complaints in that department. For 2016, M-B added rotating headlights and retracting mirrors, both very good features. I like the safety features, too. The side view alert works well, as does the backup camera. The Nav display, by the way, is high def compared to the display in the 2014. The only feature I don't like is the way the panoramic roof was implemented. The glass may absorb UV and block heat, but the retractable net is not sufficiently opaque. It's the same netting material M-B uses for the rear sunshade. It's okay for that application, but overhead, it allows in too much sun. I've resorted to wearing a baseball cap in the car once or twice when it bothered me. I would rather that M-B included the 360 degree camera (in the Premium 3) package instead of the panoramic roof. They say the rear seat passengers enjoy it, but when you buy a coupe, you don't expect a lot of people sitting in the rear seat. If you did, you would buy a sedan.It's a fun car to drive. While not a sports car, the handling and the car are both solid and sitting in that cockpit is a fun place to be.

Average Rating : 5


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