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Overall We Love This Car logo 7/17/2015 mike

In the year 2015, had to replace our 2005 CRV which we loved, because of a hit and run that left our car trashed. We were looking at simply getting another CRV, but stumbled across a 2010 RDX at a dealer. We took it for a drive and fell in love. We didn't quite like the look of the 2010 model (fog lights are a little "pronounced" for our taste, so out of curiosity we looked and found a 2008 model with 59k miles that was a new arrival at a local dealer. Took it out for a drive, and loved it even more than the 2010 model we had driven earlier. To be sure, we subsequently tried a few other CRVs (2005, 2010, 2012) but by that time I think we were just too smitten with the RDX and never looked back. We got the RDX for $15k and are sooooo happy about it. (cheaper than any CRVs we saw, including a 2005 model that would have essentially replaced the one we lost, but was more expensive than this 2008 RDX. A couple things that any buyer should be aware of especially in 2015: (1) Mileage. We just took a road trip and got 23 mpg, which is about what it was advertised at (actually slightly better). You have to be on top of RPMs, use of AC, buying gas at Costco, and other things if you want to keep your costs and gas use down - and those are all things we are good with doing. (2) We had a little rattling in the car when we got it. After a long search we found it wasn't mechanical, but rather the latch for back seat (, which is now totally silent thanks to electrical tape! That's pretty much it so far, and granted it's only been a month since we bought the car, but it is a 2008 model and no other red flags (just had it inspected too).So many good things for us. The cabin is like a dream after the CRV. Again we loved our CRV but didn't realize how much better it could be with a car like an RDX. Driving it feels like we got bumped from coach to first class. Don't know what rear passenger seats feel like, but front are awesome with leather, memory seats, amazing stereo, storage, Dual climate setting. Dash is real easy to look at and find what you need. We don't have the Tech model but don't seem to be complaining either. And as much as cabin rocks, the engine is amazing. 240hp turbo, whoa. So fun to drive!! That might have been the kicker for us, I'm pretty sure it sealed the deal for my wife, I'll never forget her face when she turned her first corner - she was like "oh yeah, I love this car." Separate from that, good fold-down seats in back to make the entire rear a flat surface, and our model is black with tinted windows, so lord it is sexy!If you can keep on top of gas use and budgeting, I think this car is great. I realize it's early for us but coupled with our inspection by our trusted mechanic and plans to get regular maintenance checks, we hope to have many years of RDX fun to come...

Average Rating : 4


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