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Overpriced garbage! logo 8/18/2015 Joda

This car is a horrible waste of time. I bought it because my other half fell in love with it and at the time I couldn't say no. Boy was I fool for that. This is the most boring car i've ever owned!!! I bought the car as a certified pre-owned and it had all the options, which was great, but all that didn't matter once I started having to drive it on a regular basis. The ride is somewhat smooth but you definitely don't feel like you are connected to the road when driving it. I got rid of my E46 BMW 325Ci w/sport package and OMG how I regret it!I am now driving the C70 as my daily driver and I absolutely HATE this car! It handles like runny dog crap! Way too much body roll and clumsy handling, it does not corner well at all, and good luck if you need to do a u-turn. The turning radius is TERRIBLE, don't expect to do a quick U-turn in this car, instead be prepared to do a three point turn every single time, which is absolutely PATHETIC! I have started calling this the Volvo Town Car because it handles like a granny-mobile even though it is a small car.The acceleration is sad and even with the Dealer optimized Polestar upgrade, which costs $1k dollars, it still lacks any real oomph other than making the tires chirp a little if you take off abruptly.The transmission is garbage and does not change gears appropriately for the situation at hand. It upshifts way too quickly even when you are trying to accelerate and get into freeway traffic. I tried using the manual mode a few times and found it utterly useless and very backwards compared to any other european automobile I have driven. At steady cruising speeds on the highway it gets craptastic fuel economy, averaging about 22MPG and even worse with inner city driving (16mpg at best). The suspension is vile, you end up feeling every single damn bump in the road as if you were driving a go-kart. Also the car rattles like crazy when you hit a bump, which is a sure sign of crappy build quality, my 10 year old BMW never suffered such rattles. Visibility is total s*** due to the horrible placement of the rearview mirror and the door panels which come up to my shoulder. I'm 6'3" if I move the seat up from the lowest position my head rubs the roof, which also leads to my next complaint. When putting the top up in this car I have had my head smashed twice. If you are a taller person you have to move your head slightly to the right, otherwise the roof line pillar in the top will come down on your head relatively hard when closing.The only positive about this car is the upgraded factory sound system and the front seats are super comfy. The dials are pretty simple and the menu interface is great, but that is the only thing I will say that is nice about this horrible handling beast. The repair costs and amount of things that have gone wrong on this car are unforgivable and expensive to repair. The car has stalled out on me numerous times and when it is brought into the dealership they can't diagnose or duplicate the problem, the top has failed to close properly about 5 times now and even with adjustments it sometimes fails to latch properly. Water has been leaking in where the tops meets the windshield, even when it IS completely latched, and we can't seem to locate where it is coming in. I cannot wait to trade this POS in for a new BMW convertible. I've never had the lack of confidence and fear of a car breaking down as I have with this heap of trash and I have owned Jaguars, BMWs, and even an 05 Ford Mustang. Avoid this car at all costs!

Average Rating : 2


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