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If performance on and off the track is what you want, you will not be disappointed as this is a very fast car (but the Corvette Z06 will blow it away for only @ $50,000 less), but beyond that there is a lot not to like. The car is very firm riding even in Comfort mode and compared to my 2015 C-7(3LT) which rides much better in Sport than GTS in Comfort. In the GTS Sport and Race are strictly for the track, they will beat you to death on the road. The GTS is missing a lot of features as I will get to. Car malfunctioned on day 4. Sold it for a big loss on day 25. Lets do a little comparison to the standard (non Z51) Corvette: Here are the Things the Corvette has and the GTS doesn't:Looks are subjective, but I couldn't get over the fact that I thought my white C7 coupe with chrome wheels simply looked better.Heads Up Display (no excuse, even the S class now has it. and once you have a car with it, you won't want one without it).Run Flat Tires (GTS gives you a pump and a can on fix a flat)!!Touch Screen Interface - GTS has a mouse and click wheel which is old technology. Entering nav destination if voice won't recognize requires manually jumping from subject to subject and clicking over to each letter/number which is slow and cumbersome, Pandora, Performance Data Recorder (records your driving in hi def for up to 7 hours on/off track with track overlays which also acts as Valet Mode to record what the Valet does), programmable real exhaust sound, auto lock & unlock car (all automatic on C7 but on GTS you must touch the sensor on the door handle to lock/unlock)Interior design and quality -The Corvette is clean and logical, the GTS console has no room for anything (Owner's Manual will not fix in glove box) and the buttons seem to have been placed at random, Napa leather seats, doors, and dash - the dash is Mb Tex (vinyl) on the GTS. Within a week the foam was separating from the leather on the driver's seat of the GTS creating a ridge and indent - will have to be replaced. C7 seats are wider and more comfortable and adjustable. Memory function is on the door of the C7, but on the side of the seat in the GTS. Both seats of the C7 are fully adjustable but the passenger seat on GTS has less functions.Storage space is generous on the C-7 with net to keep things from sliding around. GTS has about 1/3 the space & no net. There is more but I think you get the message. Since I could afford to keep both cars, cost was not the problem. In the end I chose what I felt was the better car - the C7. You don't have the status, but you won't miss it This is my 5th Corvette because they are almost trouble free while my 2003 SL55 was a service nightmare and my 1990 SL500 was just as bad. The buyer already had a GTS but found a lot of paint flaws & overspray and dealer agreed to take car back. He went over mine and found factory paint flaws in both doors, Overspray (something was repainted), runs in the paint on the gas fill cover. And the dealers I talked to say they are now getting a lot more cars and they are not selling well. Don't think Porsche is losing much sleep over this 911S challenger.

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