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Owned the vehicle for just one year logo 6/18/2016 SpartanMan

Purchased the vehicle in the Spring 2015. When I test drove it , it was only around town, only short trips . No problems at that time, loved the vehicle. In the Fall, I took it on it's first long journey to take my son to college, several hours away...and for the first time my back was KILLING me after just a couple hours non stop driving . It was then, I realized just how uncomfortable the drivers seat adjustable lumbar support, no good thigh support. I used wedges, pillows, side leg support ...anything to help the leg and hip pain. Nothing worked. I ended up using my old Ford Expedition for long trips the remainder of the year. Never had issues with comfort in the Ford or even my wife's Nissan Altima. Traded the Rav4 ( and Expedition) a year later for a 2016 Kia Sorento, which I made sure to take on a prolonged test drive before buying. Needless the say, the Kia's seats are excellent. ........If you find the seats in your Rav comfortable, then yes, the Rav4 is an excellent choice and should provide reliablity and value for years and years.

Average Rating : 4


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