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Owning two Abarths logo 12/6/2016 KJS

I have now owned two ABarths...a 2013 5spd basic car and a 2015 6spd automatic also basic . I have tended to like the automatic better and have just returned from a long trip getting 36.5 mpg at about 75mph average speed. 30mpg around town driving. The auto has 183ft lbs torque ( more than the 5spd cars) as well which adds to the ease in drivability and it is a 6spd auto ( vs the 5spd manual). The car needs an update at this point (IE direct injection, a dual scroll turbo for quicker spool up, an independent rear suspension and it should have had Koni shocks all around ( now since changed for 2016) right from the beginning. The sway bars should have been stiffer as well especially the rear sway bar ( which can be resolved through the aftermarket.- a wise choice which does help minimize understeer) . You will need to keep the tire pressure at 40psi all around to get best performance. Mine had the optional 16 in black wheels ( not the 17inchers ) so the higher pressure was not objectionable. The car is a fun ,raucous ,unique little runabout but is only "fast" when in sport mode ( worth 20ft lbs. more torque when sport button is pushed). After owning two I would not buy another unless there was a total top to bottom update as the original was released around 2008 in Europe. It is now overdue. Not many drive these so you will need to be dedicated.

Average Rating : 3


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