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Painful front seat and foot-well design logo 9/8/2015 Henry F.

Great, smooth ride. Wonderful turning radius and nice looks, BUT:The sides of the seats ride high and put pressure on the thighs, and it's immediately noticeable and uncomfortable. 6'2" here but not big, relatives of mine who are much smaller said the same thing immediately. Contributing to the pain, though, is that they redesigned the foot well so that the floor actually inclines back to front and left to right, which puts your ankle and leg at very weird angles, and doesn't allow for a depth of the basin for pivoting over the pedals. The angle of the brake (also too far forward - towards you) and the gas pedal has increased which makes matters worse. They also increased the angle of the dead pedal, and one can't even put a foot on it without it pushing the toes inward --- the walls curve in and effectively make everything near the pedals smaller. I think they did this to open up room back towards the chair but all of the above caused me much pain. I even measured angles, distances, etc. to make sure I wasn't crazy --- I'm not. It's sad because it's a nice looking car that otherwise would be enjoyable, but ... if you are in pain driving something it's a complete loss.

Average Rating : 3


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