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Panel Fit - are you KIDDING me? logo 9/8/2015 dave

I bought my Touring a few weeks ago. I am a car detailer and I have my own business. Been so busy that I just got around to detailing/sealant and glass coating/etc of my van. One REALLY notices the small stuff when you detail a car. I noticed the drivers front fender looked not in line with the front door. After checking other Odysseys, they were the same - and I noticed it's from the angle they wanted obtain by having the fender bow out around the wheel/tire ... and they started this change in angle immediately from the front fender/door gap. OK - I can buy that. Then I looked at my passenger side. It's level of protrusion outward is HALF that of the drivers side. They are NOT the same. So I drove to my dealer and looked at the 20 or so 2015's and 16's they had on the lot. The angles and protrusions NEVER matched on any car I looked at. Sometimes the passenger side stuck out further; and sometimes (as in mine) the drivers side stuck out more.I am a BMW aficionado - but my wife and I wanted a TRUE 7-8 passenger van as we have 8 grandkids. OK - going to a van means I will give up driving dynamics. But I didn't expect to give up parts that fit. I have a body shop friend, and he looked at it and said "wow, it's a Japanese van so you'd think panel/fender fit would be better than that".I love the van. But with all the competition out there for roughly the same price, why would I choose a Honda again if they can't get panel fitment correct?

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