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Parking Ticket Excuse Generator

Super Street Online logo Super Street Online 9/5/2015 Bob Hernandez

They say necessity is the mother of invention. For 18-year-old Londoner and student Joshua Browder, he really needed to find a way to get out of a whole mess of parking tickets. So he did what any sane, tech savvy young gun would do given the circumstances – he came up with a website that automatically produces parking ticket dispute letters.

Research is a site born out of Browder’s frustrations from being slapped with some 30 citations over the course of two years. Meant to be sort of a shortcut for those who haven’t the time, legal understanding, or energy to fight a ticket, it spits out defenses based on previous appeals that have worked.

Parking Ticket© Provided by SuperStreetOnline Parking Ticket The free site works like this: visitors log on and are asked to pick a reason from a list of several why they think they shouldn't have to pay the ticket fine. After a handful of supplemental questions, a letter is automatically produced; we hear the process is quick while making sure the defense users get has the best chance of winning the appeal.

Sadly for us Yanks, is only for people in the UK. And we’re not even sure a service like that would work anywhere in the US – although now that everyone is talking about it we wouldn’t be surprised if Browder got a visit from the local five-0. Props to him, though, for developing a pretty smart workaround for a headache many of us have endured.

Source: Mashable

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