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Passat Wolfsburg Edition logo 6/6/2015 darklyanon

I just purchased this vehicle and I am happy with what I invested in. Car buying is a very serious and in depth look at what the buyer needs and wants. I believe I got what I wanted. This girl has kick, she might have a small engine, but when you need to accelerate out of a complete stop she definitely has some kick. The handling and turning is very smooth. The engine is as quiet as a mouse. I sometimes have a hard time hearing it when I turn it on. It is a very comfortable ride to sit in. The car came with rubber black mats for my feet as well as my other passengers. The face and the wheels of the car are quite sporty looking. Despite it not sporting a large engine.

Favorite Feature : Favorite features: It doesn't have a silly navigation system. Don't need it, don't want it. It does have SiriusXM radio. The free satellite radio trail is 6-months with the purchase of my car. You do not need the dealership to maintain subscription, you'd just need to set one up with SiriusXM on their website. I love the cars interior, the exterior is a very gorgeous midnight metallic blue. The ride to and from work is very comfortable and the satellite radio makes the ride even better. It also has a special device for the iPhone 5 to be plugged into the car. If you sport the newer iPhone 6, you'd just need an adapter for it to plug it into the car. The bluetooth is a nice feature.

Suggested Improvement : Improvements: I really wish the instrument panel behind my steering wheel displayed what exact speed I am going at. Having two clocks in the car was a little unnecessary. I'm fine with having a clock on my dashboard. My model has a beige interior, and that yellow pops on my rear view glass in the back. While I can still see through the glass relatively fine, the reflection of the cars interior makes it a tiny bit trickier to see out of. This should of been black like the cars dash board to negate the reflection issue. I also do not believe I really need Car-Net when I have AAA.

Average Rating : 5


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