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Passatingly Addictive logo 4/13/2015 vwsince66

Love to drive it, bought it used at 96-K but within a month of purchase the transmission slipped and caught a hard lurching clunk when shifting,3rd and 4th gears. Then after about a week of hoping it was a glitch, the transmission got stuck in 3rd gear permanently.... Luckily it was under the warranty but the insurance company only allowed a used transmission with equal or lesser mileage. I have been driving it for about 3 months since the rebuild, and a week ago it did the "Clunk" when shifting from 1st - 2nd gear and since then has happened a couple of other times. I love driving the car otherwise and it looks sexy as hell especially when you put some wider rims/ tires on it. L

Favorite Feature : -When the turbo kicks in--Sporty Looks-

Suggested Improvement : When I bought it the Control Arm Bushings were shot, and that was a $1100+ expense. Watch for worn suspension parts, and the timing belt MUST BE CHANGED by 100k miles.=$1200 expense. Just a heads up for something to look for in your Passat purchase....Improvements as well=Less body roll, and more aggressive suspension.More interior noise reduction

Average Rating : 4.625


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