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Patience, "flamers"... logo 7/1/2015 jpserafin

I know folks who can't accept fact that not everything works 100% 24/7/365! Bought my '14 Escape SE 7 months ago. One problem (below) ONLY issue! My Escape is a solid "works right first-time every time vehicle. 2.0 turbo made it thru last Chicago's MEGA-BRUTAL winter with ZERO issues... no slow-crank, stuck windows/doors, great heat after 4 mi. city driving, MPG dropped less than 6% etc. A few 95+ F days this year were totally bearable due to A++ A/C system. ISSUE: high beam bulb "exploded" one -22F morn, leaving small dark spot on inner surface. Ford replaced entire assy w/o hassle! No squeaks, rattles, noises. SYNC system needs improvement, but iPhone 5 sync works each day,

Favorite Feature : Like past 5 Ford cars/SUVs bought in last 8 years, no major repairs needed. Worst issue was a stuck fuel door release cable on wife's Fusion. Fixed within 2 days (had to order cable from parts depot), and Ford gave her FREE loaner both days. Love the silence, free from road nor exhaust noise. All vehicles had blast-furnace heat in winter and Artic cold in hot summer. The Fusion had 175k miles, and STILL gets 29 MPG hwy, 18 city using BP 87 octane. BP is only brand used without knock, stumbling, poor accel... This '14 Escape, in HORRIBLE Chicago stop-go-stop more gets 19-22 (not a single tank LESS than that even during severe cold) due to engine warming up quickly.

Suggested Improvement : Like Microsoft's ill-fated Zune portable audio devices, SYNC needs major overhaul. Simpler prompts, more logical layout, etc. are really needed as SYNC is getting quite long in the tooth. iOS / Android / Java would be much better base platforms. I know a few Ford owners who have Bluetooth sync-up issue some of the time, but I guess I've been "lucky". Also another 1 or 2 interior color options would be nice to see. I have the Ruby Red ClearCoat. Can't see why no other color has ClearCoat as standard. Less than $20/car for this added protection & better look.

Average Rating : 4.75


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