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Pay for Fun logo 5/18/2015 slfisher70

I drive ALOT. The car is fun to drive when there aren't any mechanical issues. Owned by BMW, but shows NON of the standard quality elements seen in BMI engineering. Fun to drive, but EXPENSIVE and CONSTANT maintence. Computer is quirky. If the car goes into "limp mode". The Transmission is sealed and can only be maintained by the "dealer" which ask for leg and arm to service. Chronic alignment issues on the "rear"? Computer updates that some how get "missed" during service but are found after warranty has expired.No spare tire which is fun to find out when you have a FLAT. $35K for a car no spare tire?? They make this car almost impossible to service yourself. Better cars for the price

Favorite Feature : The fold down rear seats Plus. Spunky and quick handling. Fold in mirrors.

Suggested Improvement : Computer module that runs the car. If your gas cap is loose or the seal is bad it flashes and causes "system leak". Transmission is very tempermental. in winter have to allow car to warm up and is slow to shift gears. SPARE TIRE!

Average Rating : 2.875


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