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Peppy and fun, but not sure about longevity. logo 8/31/2015 JimboTron

Leased a Countryman S after being sold on its sportiness and utility (over a sedan). The turbo provides enough boost to pass and accelerate at traffic lights. Takes corners very well. Gas mileage is pretty decent as long as you don't speed too much. Still small enough to make parking easy. I am concerned about its longevity. My windshield is already pretty pitted up after having the car for a little over a year. The windshield angle is steep, so it will catch and not deflect road pebbles. Electric gremlins are already showing up - the door ajar warning light kept coming on while on the highway, even though all doors were shut tight. Happened on a few occasions. Some rattling starting to show up near the driver seat, can't tell if it's coming from the seat itself or somewhere else. Sometimes the idling will dip drastically and takes a few moments for the ECU to regulate the idle. Seats will cause butt and back aches on road trips. Center speedometer looks cool at first but the novelty wears off quickly. I will likely not purchase this car after the lease is up. It's a fun car to have as long as you have a warranty and you're not going to be doing long road trips.

Average Rating : 3


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