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Peppy n' Fun 2 Drive logo 3/12/2015 juice_weasel

The prosumer review was all negative. Blah blah! I got into a near the bottom of the line model and still impressed. The 2.4 when mated to the 5M is fun to drive. Much quicker than a Mazda 5 and Rav4. Best part is for what I paid I am not hesitant to take it off the road. Taking a $30k Subaru or Rav4 offroad? NO way. Another thing I like was availability of the manual trans. The others don't offer that. Every other sensible suv out there has gone up-market the Patriot stays true. Manual everything if you want it that way. It's lighter and faster. So name your poison!

Favorite Feature : Everything you want or not. Fully loaded or stripped. Customize as you like or go upscale all the way. AWD works great it's fun to beat about with it. It's a tough lil' mudder. Awesome to have independent suspension and awd @ this price point. It works great and doesn't leave you stranded.

Suggested Improvement : Avoid the auto. You'd have to be insane to want a 4 banger 4x4 and not want it with a stick. Look at the outback. No longer offered with a stick. You're stuck with an auto and powerwindows. Love it or not.

Average Rating : 3.125


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