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Perfect balance and combination logo 4/12/2015 emsmith175

Coming from a 2002 Honda CR-V, I wanted something that had some giddy-up that also had the feel of a sports car, but the comfort of a luxury sedan. I was looking at Mustang's and Camaro's that had the driving aspect nailed, but lacked in comfort, gas mileage, and visibility. Luckily, I found this 2010 Infiniti G37X used online with 66k miles on it, and I was IMMEDIATELY in love. It is SO fast, purrs when you drive it, but has all the bells and whistles (and the comfort) of a BMW! Not to mention it's beautiful to look at and is definitely a head-turner on the streets! It's absolutely everything I love in a car. Could not be happier!

Favorite Feature : I love the speed and the response this car has. It's so incredibly fast! The visibility is also excellent and although the interior is pretty roomy, you don't feel like you're driving a boat around. Super easy to park (the backup camera makes it even easier) and it's extremely comfortable to drive and to be a passenger. The Bose sound system also sounds amazing.

Suggested Improvement : I bought this car used with one previous owner and there are very minor electrical things that are broken (i.e. the digital speedometer is frozen on one speed) but overall the car has held up beautifully over 5 years. Barely looks used at all!

Average Rating : 4.875


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