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Perfect Car for Me logo 7/31/2015 LouA

I've had a BUNCH of cars - a little fickle. Most of them have been Fords, not because I don't like other cars, but because I usually find that I get more for my money through Ford. In the Ford family, I've had two Explorers (probably my favorite automobile of all I've owned), a Thunderbird (old style), a Fusion, a Mustang and a Focus. My husband has a Bronco and is on his second Expedition. All good cars. My preference is to drive an SUV. When gas prices went up, I scaled down, but found that a smaller car didn't suit me, especially when I had to put a car seat in the back for my granddaughter. I purchased the Taurus used with about 24K miles on it. I've had it for a year and a half, and I have 62K mile on it. I have a very long commute to work, so I like to be comfortable. The toys aren't bad either. The Taurus is perfect for all that - it gets good gas mileage, plenty of space and a trunk that will hold a couple of bodies. Love the way it handles. I have a rear camera on mine, and I have to say that I would really struggle backing up without it. The ONLY one tiny thing that I don't like (and it is a very small issue) is the directional stick. It's got variable options so you can blink the directional only once, three times or full on. I find that whenever I want to turn the signal full on, I guess because you have to push it a little harder, I frequently end up flashing the person in front of me. I have to really concentrate on making sure I don't pull forward on it with my finger when I'm putting the direction on. Stupid, I know. Other than that, not one complaint. If I end up buying another sedan when I'm ready to trade, I would get another Taurus. Perfect car for me!

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