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Performance is fine, Lots of Little hiccups add up logo 7/5/2016 Gayle C.

Decided on a lease for the first time ever. 2016 Platinum Maximum. Beautiful car. Really good power after the paltry Honda Fit that made me feel like I was going to get run over when entering a highway. Thought I would love it. The young woman who took us through the operation manual seemed to do a fine job and we were really happy with having chosen it over the Avalon. First thing we noticed was that the two USB ports that were a *huge* bonus to have so we could charge two phones at once DON'T WORK. Apparently, Nissan only engineered them to charge Apple products, so we're SOL with our Nexus 6 phones. They, apparently, didn't know this because they changed out the whole brain only to discover they still didn't work. That's when they told us they are for iPhones. Who the aitch engineers a car so that only a small segment of buyers can charge their phones? There *is* the cigarette lighter dock inside the console for one phone. Back to charging only one phone. Except. My husband, an electrical engineer, figured out how to make one of the two USB ports work (the other appears to be dead), so we can use the cigarette lighter dock and one USB. And, no, we won't be telling them how he figured it out and, no, it did not involve any rewiring or any physical changes in the car. Furious about this. The Driver's seat settings only adjust periodically and never work if we change drivers using the same key. Push #2 after #1 was driving and nothing happens. Seat stays at #1 setting. Sonar seems to be off now and I cannot find a single mention of sonar, back up camera, or any number of other guesses I made when studying the Owner's Manual or the Navigation manual. Additionally, I test drove the car, so did not ride in the passenger seat. I'm 5'4" and it feels as if I'm sitting in a hole. I had no idea that the passenger seat did not adjust up and down. Took it for granted that a car of that price would have both seats adjustable. Boy, was I wrong. There is no way in the world that I will ever buy another Nissan no matter how nice this one appears to be. But it was a learning experience, I'll say that.

Average Rating : 3


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