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Performance Multi-tasker logo 4/30/2016 LoveGermanCars

I just finished the 1000 mile break-in period by doing a road trip and business meeting. So, I have limited mileage. However, I have found the car to be everything I wanted. I wanted a multitask vehicle to carry kayaks and ski's, do track time, carry the groceries and function in snowy mountains and hot summers where I live. This is a tall order and usually you would have at least two different vehicles. So let me list the best things first. 1. Style. I get lots of comments by people from car washes to parking lots who've never seen "one of these". I have the spoiler on my car which helps differentiate it and yells "performance car" as opposed to the normal hatch/SUV GLA. 2. Interior. It is sport and luxury. I have the red cut leather which covers the dash and gives you a lot of red highlights inside, even on the air vents. Everyone loves it. 3. Comfort. the sport seats are comfortable and I have taken five people in the car to dinner and back seats are fantastic, especially for this size car. I did about 1400 miles on the road trip, as much as ten hours in one day with no problem. Absolutely amazing seats. I expect they will be fine when I track the car, too. 4. Space. It's not a huge SUV but plenty of space in the back and passenger space. You have a pass through and a roof rack if you need to carry large stuff from Home Depot or kayaks, in my case. 5. Ride. The most amazing balanced ride. It is sporty but absorbs the small bumps well. I got the 19in tires. I have the optional damper system, as well and only used it once, but it is amazing. Will use it on track. 6. All things engine. Acceleration, sport settings and the main reason you get an AMG. I have not done the launch mode, yet. Sport setting is the way to go. Negatives: 1. Electronic system is complicated. I got my phone synched but still not for music, voicemail and even phone nav. Screwing around with buttons while driving is annoying. On the other hand, most the basic stuff like volume and drive systems are separate buttons. 2. Not really set up with phone holders or much for electronics like in the rear. Your phone will be in cup holder or ash tray. 3. Side mirrors do not flare out easily for the 180 degree field of view. Most sport drivers do this. You can get it at the very limit of the side mirrors but it buries the mirror in the housing and sort of tricks your eye to thinking there may be a car in the blind spot unless you look carefully. That is about it for now. I rated reliability as just good because no new car issues but I have not had it long enough to really make an accurate rating on that.

Average Rating : 5


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