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Perhaps Grounds for Commitment Procedings logo 9/3/2015 David H. Buswell

A convertible sports/muscle car with a powerful V-8 engine is not for everyone and certainly not for the unschooled in the art of driving such a car. Since I'm an 82 year old retired corporate exec, my announcement that I'd bought a candy-apple red 2SS fully loaded "vert" sparked some thoughts among my children and wife as to my mental acuity. What they don't realize is I don't care what they or anyone else thinks. I wanted the car just as I wanted and bought years ago a Jag XK140, an Austin-Healy 3000 and a 1975 Camaro coupe. For the many years since those halcyon days I have tended toward Buicks and Cadillacs and still have a new quite sedate Cadillac XTS. The difference between the XTS and the SS is like the difference between, say, Deborah Kerr and Joan Collins. I think the analogy fits. I drive the SS because it instills in me the same joie de vivre of yore. I have thumbs up constantly from the neighborhood teens and twenty-somethings even though I'm sure many think I belong in an assisted living facility.Are there any negatives with the Camaro SS 'vert? Of course. It's impractical for virtually any endeavor except having a great time getting from Point A to B. The back seat is really for an overnight bag or perhaps the family dog who also loves the wind in its face. My antediluvian body, slowed badly by arthritis, has a hell of a time getting in and out of the driver's seat. It has abysmal gasoline mileage. That said, I enjoy looking at its truly enticing design. I smile when I turn the light on in my garage and see it waiting to go somewhere with me. Once in that car, though, and I kick on the 400 horses, put the top down, and leave my driveway, I'm back in college. To me that's worth the price of an occasional neighbor's raised eyebrow when I drive by. I've always liked Nike's edict: "Just do it!"

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