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Permanent grin since the day I brought it home logo 6/12/2017 Graeme Robinson

If your idea of performance is based on quarter mile times, this isn't the car for you. If, on the other hand, carving through canyon or mountain roads is your thing, there may not be anything else on sale at any price that can put as big a grin on your face as this Fiat. Its suspension is better sorted than the MX-5 (less roll, less bumping up against the bump stops) and it has all the power you can realistically use on public roads. It also looks - to my eyes anyway - a more mature / elegant design than the Mazda. This is my third Fiat and - despite the reputation - I've never had a problem with any of them.Only caveat is that if you're more than 6' tall or over 200lbs, definitely spend some extended time in one before committing to the purchase as it is a tight fit.

Average Rating : 5


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