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Personality and practicality logo 7/6/2015 arentz07

I decided it was time to update from my 2010 Camry LE to something more fun but still smart. This 2015 SE-trim Camry does exactly that for me.I like the exterior design a lot better than the previous car. I've seen other SEs in my mirror, and it looks mean, not to mention I've gotten compliments on the blacked-out, high-gloss grill. The wheels look great as well, I must say. Inside, there's leatherette and textured cloth that feels durable. It's not premium, but it's comfortable enough (with enough cargo space, too) for a couple of long drives my fiancee and I have taken.Only complaints: sometimes power is lacking, interior pieces creak under stress.

Favorite Feature : Sport suspension is a noticeable difference from the LE, making it feel MUCH more confident around corners. The leatherette adds a nice touch as well, and the new shiny brushed aluminun accents make the interior classy.I also especially appreciate the highly responsive touchscreen interface and standard Bluetooth audio.My favorite thing of all is probably the paddle shifter setup. The car feels much more responsive, sporty, and somehow, faster when using the manual shift mode.

Suggested Improvement : I would have liked a turbo 4-cylinder option for optimal power-to-MPG ratio. The current 2.5L I-4 is adequate, but it takes a while to build power. It really comes alive at 3500-4000 RPM but not before or after.I would also suggest to Toyota to spend a bit more time improving the build quality. If I lean my leg against the center stack or door, it creaks. It's not quite up to Avalon or Highlander standards in that regard.

Average Rating : 4.25


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