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Please read this before you drive it off the lot. logo 7/23/2015 Broadcast Pro

I loved this car - and still do to a point. However, I noticed when I was driving off the lot that speakers were making a buzzing sound. I honestly thought it must be in my head so I kept going. 6 months later, I've had it in for this to be repaired for three days and it still does it. Internet forums are filled with users complaining that their premium Burmeister sound system buzzes and rattles. Some dealerships claim they can't hear it. One forum poster said he's had it in 9 times to fix the buzz. Yesterday, I made a video of EXACTLY how to reproduce it here. do yourself an enormous favor and try this test to confirm that your new car does not buzz. Once you buy it, odds are it is permanent. I would not have spent 70k on this car knowing this.

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