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Please stay away, please, you won't even able to sell it logo 6/24/2015 jzmsewa

I purchased a car from a dealer, with very clean carfax,140k miles, nice looking. However, the radiator start leaking within 30 days, so dealer covered it.After that,3 light bulb gone in 2 weeks, and 1 starter, 1 ignition coil gone. I am a student working as a food delivery man part time. The car make me quit the job 2 times because it stopped on street, or start shaking badly for the ignition coil. The the driver's side door close sensor gone, make my car anti-thief working at night in garage and drain my battery, and at the same time, the warning ding will keep honing until 2 mins you start the car( the sensor thought you drive with door open).Then the glove box and the trunk release

Favorite Feature : The paint is better than Honda's. I want to get a nice looking car to get a girlfriend, so I buy this and bankrupt myself. But I get my girlfriend as well.

Suggested Improvement : Stay away Mexico VWs,for all the bettles, jetta, Passat, my cousin get a new 2007 Passat in FL and you know what, the AC compressor never works. I thought it was the weather is too harsh, but no, it is the car is too crap. and now their key fob won't work. Their car won't sell at good price now so they could only keep it. And I won't take it either.

Average Rating : 2.75


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