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Pleased logo 12/10/2016 TT Smith

I spent a significant amount of time preparing for and shopping for a used vehicle as a primary vehicle. My previous vehicle was dying and I needed a replacement. Highlander, Lexus 330, Traverse ... but once I drove the MDX, I knew that a 2007 or 8 was what I was looking for ... Then I found this 2004 with only 88K miles and 'imported' from San Diego to Denver area. What a bulletproof beast she has been for the last year. Pretty heavy travel year, and I'm now at 112K with only great performance. Little bit more money into it after the purchase than I anticipated: timing belt, 105K maintenance, 2 motor mounts, new tires, new leather on the passenger side. But, I love the 3.5, the ride and the performance in the snow ... and great road trip vehicle for 1,000+ mile trips. Probably, the best vehicle I've ever owned -- we'll see. Basically, looks brand new so I expect that I'll get 5-10 years out of it. I agree with all of the positives listed on these reviews. Like the previous Lady's review, if it lasts that long, I'd be happy to keep it to 400K, I feel.UPDATE 6/20/17: By the time the 4th of July Holiday is over, I will have put over 40K miles on this 2004 MDX during my 18 months of ownership. I'm happy. Other than the above, the only other things I've handled on this vehicle is having the worn out leather redone on the drivers side. Change the oil every 5K (uses about a quart), rotate the tires and get it aligned on the unlimited package at Sears. When I get to 150K I'll have the front end redone and replace the sway bar (about $1100). Otherwise, I expect she'll just keep going. Great road-trip vehicle.

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