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Poor choice!!! logo 5/3/2015 ericarras_81

I bought a used focus hatchback and at first thought it was a fun ride, that is until it began to give me problems after 2 months of driving it. First, the keys wouldn't lock my car, then the car would jerk when I would come to a stop or switch gears. Afterwards, I would put the key into the ignition but it wouldn't start and after $750 and a week later, the dealership fixed some wires "causing the problem". I only had it a week and its at the dealership again because the car died at an intersection and even though it was in drive and on it would not kick into gear. They are "ordering the part" to fix it but Im ready to trade in. Buying a ford was a huge mistake!! Never again!!

Favorite Feature : It was fun at first and a fast zippy car but that doesn't make up for all the issues its having.

Suggested Improvement : Improve everything!!!

Average Rating : 2


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