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Poor Customer Service - I will NEVER buy another! logo 9/1/2015 David C. Laredo

As an owner of an Acura MDX I must express my sincere disappointment with the company's customer service (or lack thereof). The dealer from whom I bought my car lost its contract with Acura. (This can happen.) Acura has never contacted me to advise as to where I should take the vehicle for warranty work. The nearest Acura dealer is a 2 hour (one way) drive for me, but an certified Honda dealer is only 10 minutes away.Acura now sends me a recall notice informing me a bolt needs to be replaced. The Honda dealer tells me they can do the work, but it will be covered by Acura only with prior authorization. Acura denies authorization and will require me to undertake a 4 hour trip to effect this recall. Oh... and it took Acura 4 weeks and multiple calls on my part to decide my request to deal with the Honda dealer would be denied. Never once did Acura return my call.Oh. Acura did send me a letter to wish me a "Happy Anniversary" in recognition of my Acura Ownership.Based upon their lack of caring, and lack of responsiveness, I WOULD NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ACURA!

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