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Poor mileage on otherwise perfect car logo 8/10/2015

We are a Toyota family - 3 Camrys and a Prius. When shopping to replace the Prius we wanted a larger car as we are all 6' plus. When first just looking at the numbers for 2015 cars, we thought the Sonata was a competitor to the Avalon. I had intended to buy an Avalon Hybrid. When we test drove the Avalon and Camry we couldn't believe how small they were compared to our 2007 and 2008 Camrys. The Sonata has as much room in most aspects as the Avalon and I love the extra legroom. I don't know why all manufacturers don't do this. Having just replaced the Prius battery at $4,200, the Sonata lifetime warranty was a real plus. We will not replace the Camry Hybrid battery when it comes up - we will sell and get another Sonata. We were so impressed with the Sonata we even wrote to the USA marketing team suggesting they were missing out by not advertising the roominess of the vehicle.Anyway, we don't drive a lot, but have a couple of trips coming this fall so we will see how things turn out mpg wise. I have to say so far we are disappointed as on our first tank we are only averaging 28 mpg which we hope is an aberration. Did anyone else see a break in time for their mpg - ie does it start low and get higher over time? Something to think about.

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