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Poor Paint logo 9/7/2015 Daniel L.

Rear shocks were replaced at 24000 miles, tires had normal wear at 24000 miles. However , every tire was splitting apart at the second tread in. The paint on this car was the worst paint of the eight new cars I have owned. The paint chipping was primary on the hood but was not limited to the front of the car. Seen very few fits with this problem but the few I have seen were older and had premature surface rusting. This does not stop the car from getting great gas mileage or getting you from A to B comfortable but will have a great effect on your resale value. For this reason the car was traded in with only 27000 mile and rated low. Traded in on Nissan Altima and have never regretted it. Before buying a Fit test drive an Accord, Camry or Altima. You will get more bang for your bucks!!

Average Rating : 2


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