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Poor quality - 2009 Nissan Cube 6 speed logo 9/8/2015 may

I like the appearance of the car, it looks refreshing and innovative. However, I knew the CVT would be a major headache down the road, so I chose the 6 speed version. Unfortunately, other problems developed pre-maturely: the muffler and the exhaust pipe fell off due to a rusted connection at 45000 miles, 5 years. Replacing the entire assembly costs over $850, I have never owned any car with the muffler system lasting only 45000 miles or less than 5 years, and it costs so much to fix. To add insult to injury, during the hottest days of the season this year, the air conditioning failed. This is a poorly made car, with below average quality control. I believe this model was terminated last year. Need I say more ? But I have to say to myself, beauty is only skin deep !!

Average Rating : 2


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