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Porsche, Mercedes and BMW killer! logo 8/26/2015 Sal

Im 2 weeks in to my 2011 FX35. I bout it with 80k miles and it still has a new car smell. Upon first impression, It simply carries the WOW factor for me. Ive driven the X5, X6, ML350, G500, Audi Q5, Q7 Lexus RX350 and Porsche Cayenne S and found THIS to be the car for me. Handling is a bit stiff, but youde expect that from a true "Sport" Utility. This car is big and Its heavy but youll never feel it from behind the wheel. The Tech Package is a great investment if you live in a cramped city with tight spots and double parkers. The performance, handling, and comfort is simply a pleasure. I look forward to my commute every morning as an excuse to drive. Overall impression, GET ONE!!! Theyre awsome!!! Simply put, a sports car on steroids. :)

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