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Power Loss - Violent engine shake\shutter 10,800 k logo 6/14/2016 B.Wenzel

My truck is 6 months old and has 10,800 miles. As in drove home from work during rush hour traffic the engine shut down and went into "limp mode" at 65 mph. There were 3 warnings icons: #1 Service Advancetrac, #2 Wrench Icon "see manual", #3 Hill start assist not available. Later the engine light came on. Ford Roadside towed the truck to the dealer, my research found 100 of complaints about is engine shutdown on Ecoboost engines.The engine will idle at 1000 rpm extremely rough, but pressing the gas pedal does nothing. Very dangerous when driving in heavy traffic, as all you can do is coast to a stop. Turning off the engine and restart did get the engine moving for another mile before it shut down again.Beware of this for your safety and your family. I also saw another review here with a similar issue, so it may not be insolated.*****UPDATE******* June 2016 Problem was the THROTTLE BODY. Dealer replaced under warranty.

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