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power steering troubles logo 7/15/2015 craig dixon

I have a 2002 1500 4x4 ext cab with about 140000 miles in it the problem is with steering with about 75000 miles the power steering pump broke put a new one on it and worked fine but about 10000 to 10010 miles the pump started making a lot of noise a it would lock up when turning then it started pulling to the left the front end is still in good alignment no tire wear if you are seating still a let go of steering wheel it will turn to the left by itself .I have put a new gear box in that did not help so I put a new pump on it still pulls to the left and is hard to steer. Does any one have same problem or know what to do to fix this besides selling it 7-9-16 Iput a new gear box on it and a new pump the streering is a little tite buts works better I think it might have been the way the front end was sietting to low I rased it it feels better now

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