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Practical mpg and traction - Fun driving dynamics! logo 4/8/2017 Brice

2009 BMW X3 with full options - I bought this car used in March, 2017 with 83,000 miles on it to replace a 2007 BMW X3 with 165,000 miles which was the nicest car I had ever owned. This one is better. The transmission on the 2009 is smoother than the 2007, this one has the upgraded stereo and it sounds better, but also just the tuner knob is nicer and easier to use. It could be just my perception, but it seems more stable in corners at speed. Gas mileage is great on both - I get 21 or 22 mixed, and 26 to 28 highway in the Rocky mountains between 50 and 80 miles an hour. MPG is one of the best features, and it comes from a powerful engine that is ready to pass anything, anytime even going up a mountain. Front seats are fully adjustable and very comfortable. Drive noise is quite minimal, making it hard to drive anything less insulated. The over all size is small, which I like for fitting through traffic an parking, and I find the cargo space to be large for the size of the car. Traction control with Michelin X-Ice tires is excellent on snow, frozen hard surface snow, and clear ice. Braking is crisp and tight, as is the steering. The ride is firm, but I found I like it better than Mercedes ML350 and ML 550 that I test drove. Driving it really does feel like a sporty car - much better visibility than a Porsche Cayenne, and the Porsche and Mercedes 550 felt too tight in the cockpit for me. I'm 6'3", and my only real complaint is that the transmission box is wide in the X3 and pushes my right foot in at an odd angle that makes my knee and hip feel tweaked. It bugs me, but when my 2007 got totaled by a friend, and I had to replace it, after looking at the Mercedes and a Mazda CX-7, this one is just soooo fun to drive (and the gear shift is useful and fun) and gets such good mileage, that I couldn't get as excited about anything else. **If you get one, you must rotate tires regularly. Irregular wear on tires will confuse the traction control and transmission and make you think it's a junk car, but it's your tires and/or suspension**

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