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Pre-certifired means nothing logo 7/20/2015 Mary Bailey

I have a Honda 2007 CRV LX 4WD. It is my third one to own. I have always bought brand new until the 2007. It was pre-certified, and I thought that meant something. Although it was going 4 years old and had a scratch on the hood, it only had 35,000 miles on it, and Hondas are supposed to do 300K, right? The certified meant it had nothing wrong with it, etc At 86000 miles and 3 years later, the air conditioner has stopped working. I got online to see that the 2002 - 2007 Honda CRV has a design defect that guarantees the AC will fail. A class action law suit resulted in Honda agreeing to do a 8 year/100,000 mile recall. I took it to my local Honda to be told there was no recall on my vin# and two day later, the air went to blowing only hoth wit the heat index at 110 degrees! The condenser broke and the whole system has to be replaced. I called the dealership I bought the certified Honda from to be told that although it was 2015 and it might sound like Honda would cover it until 2015 ended (the 8th year); my particular Honda came off of the line 1/29/07. The eight years are up as up 1/28/15. I was 13 weeks too late. What troubles me is that the dealer knew the Honda had this problem and that it was not a case of if it would break but when. It is a design defect! I am stuck. How could they certify a vehicle with a design defect that guaranteed the AC would go bad somewhere around 85,000 miles? Trading it in will give me low value and keeping it with no AC in the South could be a health hazard. I consider what Honda did to be unethical. Their certified still carries a "buyer beware." It is a way to dump defective vehicles.

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