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premium hmmm....? logo 7/24/2015 Margo Ritter

There is no in car garage door opener, so you have to carry one. Infotainment GPS too confusing with way, way too many options and menus to try and remember how to use. Over 36 teeny tiny icons to try and see to mark your map, how many does a person need? Just looking for one with a red plus for doctors office, a small house, a tree, a gas pump, so many useless ones. No remote for the rear hatch when you hands are full, why did they do away with that? No grab handle on the passenger front column to take a hold of when getting in and out, just a stupid little handle over your head. Who reaches over their head to get in or out? Also gone is the grab handle from the passenger door to take a hold of to close door. We went from a beautiful Enclave to a smaller Buick. Didn't need the big size any more. Hoping that it was basically the same, just smaller. Not so and there's more road noise. Just wish they had looked at the Enclave and kept all the good features.

Average Rating : 4


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