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Pretty but painful logo 8/5/2015 Jeff

If you are considering the current generation of Avalon - PLEASE read this and all reviews before purchasing. I drove my last vehicle for nearly 11 years before selecting the Avalon Limited Hybrid and was really planning that this vehicle would last as long - my conclusion after nearly 20,000 miles in the last 8 months is that the car might last but it won't be with me. The good - the car is beautifully styled, gas mileage is awesome for a car this size and the interior look is just really nice to be inside. Unfortunately that's about where the good ends - here are the negatives that I think you should consider before purchasing. First, ride comfort, EVERY person that has driven or ridden in my car has complained about the seats - front and back. They are dreadfully hard - an extra feature in the drivers seat is a nice lump that rests between your butt bones - I hope you are catching the sarcasm because I'm laying it on thick. The driver and passenger seats both feel as though there is a baseball tucked under about 3/4" of padding right in that spot.

Average Rating : 3


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