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Pretty happy so far logo 4/26/2016 golfinwi

Bought my 2011 used with 27,000 mi. Have 42,000 now. Replaced our 2001 Infiniti Qx4, which we loved. The Murano is not the same, but close. Very happy with the ride, looks, reliability so far (except we had a popping noise in the back which we finally tracked to the woofer in the radio...rather than replace the radio for $800, we had the woofer disconnected for $120.) Mileage is ok...20 overall. Solid, no rattles, firm yet comfy ride. We did replace the battery early on as the car was dead three times in 2 weeks. Finally realized that I, and my grandson, were leAving the ignition on "accessory".....BAD design.....if you hit the ignition button by mistake twice when you shut off the car, it goes to "accessory" with no indication whatsoever on the light or warning bell.......I am very careful, and have to tell everyone who borrows the vehicle to be sure and just pop the ignition button ONCE when they are shutting it off...!!!!! I cannot believe the engineers at Nissan didnt catch this. I did notice another reviewer here noted he had to replace his battery twice....this may have been the culprit. I'll take keys anyday vs this key less stuff.

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