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Pretty much what I expected logo 5/26/2015 woiferl

If you do your homework, this car doesn't offer many surprises. However, I would say the comfort and engine aren't as terrible as some say it is. It's a family sedan, so you won't do 0-60 races that often. There's some turbo lag to get it off the line. However, the mid-range strength is about what you'd expect from 245hp and does not disappoint. Plus, if you need more agility, you can use the shifter paddles and you'll be zipping around fast enough to guarantee tickets. The seats in the Sport are stiffer, but also provide more lateral support - they are not Mercedes quality, but then you can get a loaded Sport for less than $25K. In terms of value, this one is hard to beat.

Favorite Feature : Exterior design, some unusual tech features such as teh smart trunk, value

Suggested Improvement : No RDS for the radio??? - come on, Hyundai, this is 2015. Could use less turbo lag and 30-50 more hp. The 5-inch screen is cheap - the resolution is at least 5 years behind. Interior design a bit clumsy. Super-cheap fake wood in the Limited model.

Average Rating : 4.125


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