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pretty nice logo 9/8/2015 stewart

I bought this accord used from a trade in with 220,000 miles. Right now I have 229,000 miles. No major issues. Took it from ohio to florida bo problem. Scariest complaint I have seen is about excessive oil consumption. From my research it seems to happen when oil changes are not done and the oil gets dirty. When that happens your timing chain which relies upon oil pressure can jump/ get stretched. Get your oil changed every 3000 miles. I dont lose any oil and this car to get to 220k miles must have been changed like clockwork. Also the automatic seems to have tranny problems.. I have a 5 speed manual and I seen hardly any complaints. Buying used make sure the car is clean.. If someone took good care of the interior and outside, then they probably took care of it mechanically too. Also when i bought mine the oil was just due for the 3000 change.. And the small dealership didn't change the oil prior to me buying. This let me see the level of the oil, and how dirty it was after 3000 miles.. To which the oil looked good. So i bought it and had it changed first thing. I expected with that many miles to not get the window sticker epa mileage.. But in fact i get 29 combined city and highway. Taking it to florida a tank seemed to get a max of about 520 miles. Take care of your Honda if you want it to last!

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